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2012 NFL Free Agency: Denver Broncos A Possible Target For QB Peyton Manning

With the impending release of long-time Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, the sports world has begun to speculate on his next landing spot -- and by the sounds of it, the Denver Broncos should be one of his top choices.

In Alex Marvez's latest ruminations on FOX Sports, he suggests Denver has the cap space, but not necessarily the right fit:

7. Denver

Pros: Manning would love working with head coach John Fox and Elway, who is entering his second year as Denver’s executive vice president. ...

Cons: The Broncos want to push Tebow with a veteran but probably not with someone who casts such a large shadow as Manning. The $20 million-plus Denver is expected to have in salary-cap space has spurred some of the public Manning conversation. It’s assuredly wishful thinking. Elway should know the team must dedicate the available cap room to upgrading the defense, especially at defensive tackle and the secondary.

Marvez ranks Denver as the 7th best of the 7 possible locations Manning would go, but Bomani Jones of SB Nation NFL thinks Denver would welcome with, well, open arms:


Pros: No general manager will give him a bigger hug if he joins the team. It won't even be close.

Cons: Only team in the NFL that performs better without quarterbacks who put up points and hit receivers in stride.

The Colts are expected to officially announce their decision to cut Peyton Manning Wednesday afternoon.

For updates, stay tuned to SB Nation Denver. For more on the Broncos, visit Mile High Report. Check out SB Nation NFL for more news and notes around the league.

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