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Peyton Manning Will Be Released, According To Report, But Obvious For So Long

The Indianapolis Colts have decided that quarterback Peyton Manning will no longer be a member of the organization and will released on Wednesday, declining his $28 million roster bonus. ESPN's Chris Mortensen had the original report:

This is, as we have known for a couple of months now, a wholly expected move given the concern over Manning's injured but repaired neck. He will now be, perhaps, the biggest free agent in the NFL ever. There are plenty of teams that will be interested in him: the Seattle Seahawks, the New York Jets, the Arizona Cardinals and the Washington Redskins have all been linked to Manning.

As for the AFC West, the Kansas City Chiefs remain a potential landing spot since Matt Cassel has been a disappoint in his three years there. And, of course, the Denver Broncos will certainly enter the conversation, though whether they will really be players is up for considerable debate. Tim Tebow is the starter entering training camp, but would John Elway really want to screw around and potentially set back the team if Manning isn't fully healthy?

At best, let's put the Broncos in the intrigued but unlikely category for Manning.

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