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2012 NFL Mock Draft: WR Kendall Wright Predicted For Broncos In Latest SB Nation Projection

March is finally here, meaning college pro days are set to take place. And for mock drafts, that means there are still plenty of changes to be made before we reach April 26. In SB Nation's latest 2012 NFL mock draft, the Broncos have their No. 25 overall pick go in a different direction than the last few weeks: Baylor Bears wide receiver Kendall Wright is the choice

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Ryan Van Bibber writes about the selection:

I think Wright is a good fit to pair with Tim Tebow because it sort of replicates what Tim Tebow had at Florida with Percy Harvin. Wright is a multifaceted threat, capable of working on the outside, in the slot and out of the backfield. He can make their option offense better and still be a threat in more traditional NFL packages.

Of course, in previous weeks Van Bibber has written that it would be better for the Broncos to fix the defense instead of solving the Broncos offense with Tim Tebow as the starter. But Tebow needs more than just Demaryius Thomas to receive passes. Eric Decker is more of a No. 3 receiver, so taking a guy like Wright (who caught over 100 passes in 2011) would be a great addition.

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