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Denver Broncos Salary Cap Situation Heading Into April

The Denver Broncos may have made the biggest statement during free agency with the signing of quarterback Peyton Manning and the trading of Tim Tebow to the New York Jets. They are still attempting to finalize their team for the upcoming 2012 season and look like they have a healthy amount of wiggle room in available funds.

Jason La Canfora of recently ran down the salary cap situations of each NFL team as of March 30. Here is what the Broncos are looking like as free agency continues and the 2012 NFL Draft draws closer.

Denver Broncos
Current contracts: 46
Previous year carryover: $26,000,000.00
Adjustments: $635,894.00
Adjusted cap: $147,235,894.00
Team cap: $133,433,373.00
Cap room: $13,802,521.00
Team cash: $104,922,133.36

The team still looks to be in great shape for the remainder of free agency and the 2012 NFL Draft, with nearly $14 million in cap room remaining to assemble some final pieces around Manning.

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