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Ryan Tannehill Pro Day: Broncos Among 20 NFL Teams In Attendance

The 2012 NFL draft is less than a month away, and now that the Denver Broncos have washed their hands of Tim Tebow, they need to start looking at developmental projects to place behind veteran starting quarterback Peyton Manning. Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill is one of the signal callers hoping to be the next QB off the board after Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III get snatched up early in the first round, and now it appears Tannehill's pro day at Texas A&M has attracted 20 NFL teams. Among those teams were the Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, Cleveland Browns, Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs and New Orleans Saints, according to Josina Anderson of ESPN

According to SB Nation's NFL draft blog, Mocking The Draft, Tannehill is the No. 3-rated quarterback in the 2012 draft class, behind Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck. Jon Dove of Mocking The Draft assembled his scouting report on the QB, and here is a snippet of that analysis:

Ryan Tannehill
6'4, 219 pounds | Quarterback | Texas A&M


  • Tannehill has nice size and decent bulk for the position
  • He will have no problem seeing over his offensive linemen
  • His athletic ability allows him to escape the pocket and pick up yards with his feet
  • Tannehill doesn't have great arm strength and at best has an average NFL arm
  • His throws lack the appropriate zip and tend to float towards the target
  • However, what he lacks in arm strength he makes up for with throw anticipation
  • I would categorize him as a game manager
  • He has decent mechanics and does a good job setting his feet towards his target
  • However, he has a long delivery kind of like a sling shot motion
  • Tannehill has inconsistent accuracy which worsens the further he goes down the field
  • He likes to lock onto his main target and rarely goes through his progressions

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