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NFL Rules Changes 2012: Booth Will Now Review All Turnovers, Endzone Plays

The NFL isn't making any earth-shattering rules changes on Wednesday at the owners' meetings, but those that are adopted could prove immediate worth: the league will now review all turnovers and endzone plays. Now, the red flag is taken out of the hands of the coaches on these types of play, which saves the fans having to see coaches yell and yell at referees to get their attention when the flag is not noticed (unless, of course, that's you're thing and you get a good laugh at it. I do occasionally).


One of the other rules adopted on Wednesday has now put overtime postseason rules into effect for all regular season games. This means that each team must have a possession in overtime unless the first team scores a touchdown on the initial possession. So, more Tim-Tebow-to-Demaryius-Thomas-like touchdown passes solves that problem for teams that don't want to go more than one drive in overtime.