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Broncos' Recent Free Agency Moves Praised By's Peter King

The Denver Broncos made the biggest splash of the 2012 NFL offseason by signing free agent quarterback Peyton Manning, a game-changing move for this storied franchise. But that's not the only move Sports Illustrated's Peter King is praising the Broncos for. In his latest Monday Morning Quarterback column, King praises the addition of cornerback Tracy Porter:

This is a very solid first move, bringing in a better corner than two (Eric Wright, Aaron Ross) who got richer first-week contracts. The only X factor with any former Saint, however, concerns the bounty investigation, and whether any players will be suspended. We don't know whether Porter was involved, and whether he'll face any discipline.

And on Jacob Tamme:

A Peyton Manning security blanket, obviously. Check out Tamme's catches in the last 10 games of the Colts' season in 2010: 6, 11, 7, 7, 7, 4, 4, 7, 7, 7. Think Manning's happy to have Tamme in the fold?

Porter ranks No. 1 and Tamme No. 5 on King's list of top free agency moves outside of Peyton Manning, giving the Broncos three of the best acquisitions this offseason. Porter will play opposite Champ Bailey, helping defend the half of the field the Broncos have received sub-par to decent play over the last few years. The addition of Tamme also makes up for the last few years of mediocre tight end play.

But the Broncos' success in 2012 really does depend on Manning's health.

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