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Tim Tebow Trade: Deal Delayed By Procedural Issue, To Be Completed Saturday

After a ridiculous series of turns that resulted in quarterback Tim Tebow being traded from the Denver Broncos to the New York Jets, ESPN New York is reporting that a "procedural issue" will delay the completion of the trade until Saturday at the earliest.

While there are no longer any concerns about whether a deal will be completed, this is just the latest turn in what's been a shockingly confusing series of events regarding Tebow, the Broncos and the Jets over the past couple days. Before the deal was apparently completed on Wednesday, reports had the deal going on and off for hours as issues regarding Tebow's contract needed to be figured out.

For now, it appears that a press conference is scheduled for Monday in order to introduce Tebow. The team has already stated that it plans to use Tim Tebow as the back-up quarterback to Mark Sanchez while giving him opportunities in the Wildcat offensive scheme.

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