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Tim Tebow Trade: Denver Agrees To Trade QB To New York, After All

After all the action during the afternoon and evening, the Denver Broncos will in fact be trading quarterback Tim Tebow to the New York Jets, as Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting. The deal completes another interesting part of Tebow's short career.

Denver and New York had agreed to a trade this morning before the Jets realized that Tebow's contract required them to pay the Broncos roughly $5 million, which they apparently weren't aware of at the time of the agreement. Now it appears that the two sides have sorted out whatever issues existed, though, but this comes after other teams jumped in to make late runs on the former Florida Gator.

It was reported that the Jacksonville Jaguars, based near Tebow's hometown, and the St. Louis Rams were also pursuing Tebow. Just recently, Schefter also reported that Tebow would ultimately be given the option of where to be traded, but it's unclear if he's actually chosen New York given that he would appear to have an easier time landing the starting gig in Jacksonville.

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