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Tim Tebow Trade: Broncos, Jets Agreed On Trade Before Denver Asked For Repayment

The Tim Tebow trade is in jeopardy due to contractual language about repayment of money from the New York Jets to the Denver Broncos, but what exactly does that mean? ESPN's Adam Schefter breaks it down:

Jets-Broncos agreed to Tim Tebow trade before Denver asked NY to pay back portion of bonuses and salary already paid to Tebow. No deal yet.

This seems an awful way for the Broncos to negotiate if that's how things really went down. The Broncos agree to send Tebow to New York for fourth- and sixth-round draft picks and then after it breaks to the media Denver asks for repayment of money.

It's the team's right to collect the money as contractually obligated, but wouldn't one want to work out that part of the deal before it hits everywhere?

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