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Tim Tebow Trade: Hangup In QB's Contract Could Nullify Deal

A hangup regarding the language in Tim Tebow's contract could potentially nullify Wednesday's trade between the Denver Broncos and New York Jets, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. Tebow was sent to New York in a deal that was agreed upon earlier in the day, but this may apparently prevent its completion.

Schefter says that Tebow has "$5 million worth of recapture language" in his contract, meaning that the Jets would be required to pay that sum to the Broncos in order to complete the trade. He says that the Jets aren't yet sure if they're willing to pay that amount in order to bring Tebow to New York, which could eventually squash the deal.

He also notes that the two sides are sorting out the situation now, but the St. Louis Rams could potentially get into the mix if the trade with the Jets falls apart.

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