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The Broncos Have Officially Avoided The Madden Curse

While people are getting all bent out of shape about the possibilities regarding Tim Tebow in New York, a very significant aspect of this entire situation is being utterly ignored. In a matters of minutes, the Denver Broncos have gone from having one of the major contenders to land on the cover of this year's edition of Madden, Mr. Tebow, to not even having a candidate at all.

As ESPN's Jon Robinson wrote on Wednesday:

Look at what happened with Tim Tebow. Before Peyton Manning joined the Broncos, Tebow would've been one of the higher seeds in the tournament. But now, there's so much uncertainty surrounding him -- will he be traded, will he be a starting quarterback somewhere else, will he even still be a quarterback -- that now he's a 14-seed. Just like March Madness, you just never know what will happen next.

For both Tebow and Broncos fans, this might actually be a good thing if you buy into the Madden curse. Given how Tebow has often seemed blessed by some power that's not to be understood (remember everything that happened over the past eight months?), he probably doesn't want to mess around with any negative voodoo.