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Tim Tebow Trade Rumors: Jets Move In While Dolphins Move Out

The Tim Tebow trade rumors mill is about to flood the 2012 NFL offseason -- if it hasn't already. This speculation began almost immediately after the Broncos were mentioned as an interested part, and Elway confirmed that a trade is a possibility (while also mentioning that he wants to find the best situation for the young player). And now teams from around the league are reported as being interested in trading for Tebow. The latest set of rumors mentions that the New York Jets are serious players in all of this while the Miami Dolphins don't want anything to do with Tebow, according to ESPN New York's Rich Cimini.

According Cimini's source the team would like to bring in Tebow to correct the team's negative locker room image:

The team is concerned about the negative perception of its locker room, which was divided by player unrest last season, and "bringing in a guy like (Tebow) would help," one source said. "It makes perfect sense."

Cimini goes on to mention the positive of Tony Sparano being the offensive coordinator for the Jets since he used the wildcat formation in Miami. Tebow would fit well in that scheme. On the other end of things, Mark Sanchez is the starter and already facing immense scrutiny. Would the team want to add that much more onto Sanchez's shoulder?

This is New York we're talking about, so if Sanchez can't handle that much pressure, maybe he just isn't cut out for Gotham.

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