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Tim Tebow Trade Rumors: John Elway Admits Trade Is Possible But Wants To Get QB In 'Best Possible Situation'

For anyone who thinks that John Elway doesn't care about Tim Tebow's career, Tuesday's press conference should have quelled any doubts about that. Elway came off as sincere and genuinely caring about Tebow's career in the NFL; however, he did admit that trading Tebow is a possibility. Here are some quotes from Elway:

Elway: He & Fox called Tim Tebow last night. "The toughest thing about this whole thing is Tim Tebow bc of what I think about Tim Tebow." via @denver_broncos

Elway said that Tebow said, "You're talking about Peyton Manning and I understand what you're doing." via @MaxBroncos

Elway: "I would love to be able to" give Tebow a chance to start QB elsewhere. "It's our goal to get him in the best situation possible." via @MaxBroncos

Clearly, Tebow understands that Elway is making a decision for the Broncos and not one to get rid of him. It's a football move, and one that almost every team in the league would do if they were in the same position. If that is a by-product of Manning's addition, so be it. That's what we have come to expect from Tebow, always the consummate professional.

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