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Peyton Manning Update: Not Full Strength, But Able To Play 'This Sunday'

In Tuesday's press conference introducing QB Peyton Manning as the Denver Broncos' new starting quarterback, the 36-year-old pocket passer answered a multitude of questions concerning his health.

During the conference, simulcast online by NBC Sports, Manning said his health, though not at the level he would like, has been progressing well:

The doctors and the trainers say they feel very encouraged about where I am and the progress that I've made. And I like hearing that and hopefully we can just keep on that path.

And as far as being ready for the season, it seems likely the future Hall of Famer should have no problems:

Could I play a game this Sunday? Yeah, I could. I don't know if I could play as well as I would like, but yeah, I could play... I'm not supposed to be where I want to be at this point. It is March, and I have a hard time of reminding myself of that.

The Broncos will now turn their attention to the NFL Draft, which starts April 26, as well as shoring up the team with some free agent acquisitions -- as well as potentially trading QB Tim Tebow.

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