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Perrish Cox Trial: Former Broncos CB Found Not Guilty Of Sexual Assault

On Friday, former Denver Broncos cornerback Perrish Cox was found not guilty on two counts of sexual assault in a jury trial. It took six hours over Thursday and Friday to deliberate and provide a verdict for the case.

Cox had been accused of sexually assaulting a female victim at his apartment after partying. The night in question came in Sept. 2010, while he wasn't arrested until Dec. 2010. He faced anywhere from two months to life in prison had he been convicted of sexual assault.

The alleged victim wound up pregnant and subsequent tests confirmed that the pregnancy occurred around the time of the incident. The tests also linked Cox to the pregnancy. However, the prosecution failed to make its case that this incident was forced. The alleged victim claimed she was drugged, but she failed to have the necessary tests done.

Cox was released by the Broncos before the end of training camp in 2011 and sat out the season. He was drafted by the Broncos in the fifth round of the 2010 NFL Draft.

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