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Tim Tebow Trade Value Might Not Be Great, According To SI's Peter King

While we wait for Peyton Manning to take his time and decide where he will likely play out his final years in the NFL, Tim Tebow lurks quietly in the shadows and waits for his future, be it with the Broncos in a different capacity or with a new team. But don't expect the Broncos to receive a nice haul if they trade Tebow, at least that's what Sports Illustrated's Peter King believes:

I wouldn't be surprised if the most Denver could get for Tebow is a fourth-round pick. I know the fans in Jacksonville want him, but I can't see GM Gene Smith brining him in to muddle the quarterback situation with a guy they're trying to salvage, Blaine Gabbert, who'd be in an unwinnable situation with the fans. It'd take a strong coach -- Bill Belichick, John Harbaugh, Pete Carroll -- not worried about the public pressure to play him to take Tebow on, in my opinion. I could see Belichick or Harbaugh making him a wild card type of player, playing 15 snaps a game all over the offense.

That's quite a drop in value for a player who went No. 25 overall just two years ago. Now, it is debatable whether any other team would have drafted Tebow in the first round back then, but if this is Tebow's value at his highest, a fourth-round pick, his future is likely to be as King suggests: a wild card type player.

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