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VIDEO: Peyton Manning Predictions On SB Nation's YouTube Channel

Where will Peyton Manning wind up? We're likely just a few days away from that decision coming about: the Arizona Cardinals or the Denver Broncos. Over on SB Nation's YouTube channel, Matt Ufford believes the Broncos are the team that will win this frenzy, but he does offer four reasons why Arizona should actually win out. Check out the video below:

So, let's list those reasons mentioned above:

  1. Weather - Eh ... sure, Denver gets cold weather, but let's not make it out to be the North Pole or the planet Hoth.
  2. Larry Fitzgerald - OK, you have a point here.
  3. Division - Why wouldn't Manning want to compete against a strong group of quarterbacks? Someone wants Manning to shy away from competition, it seems.
  4. Media attention - Actually, Manning wouldn't be the savior replacing the previous one. He'd be "John Elway's quarterback," for better or worse. Tim Tebow might just become a distant memory five seconds after he is no longer on the team.