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Peyton Manning Update: Quarterback's Arm Strength Improving

While Denver is abuzz with the possibility of bringing in free agent quarterback Peyton Manning, let's not forget that he is 36 years old and recovering from a neck injury. He is working to get his arm strength back, but reports on that have been mixed over the last couple of months. Apparently, Manning is progressing steadily, but he still has a long way to go, according to Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole.

Cole's unnamed sources are not medical practitioners and are hesitant to say when Manning will be ready to go, but at least one would be hesitant to throw a ton of money at Manning. Cole goes on to write:

The question for all teams will be whether Manning throws for them (at least one team appears ready to sign him without having him throw) and how effectively he throws.

Could this team be the Denver Broncos? Manning already visited on Friday and then stayed overnight to have another, shorter meeting with the team. If the Broncos are that team, then we really will know that owner Pat Bowlen opened the team's coffers to sign Manning. And if the Broncos are "desperate" to sign Manning, as SI's Peter King has written, the team might do it without seeing him throw.

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