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Peyton Manning Rumors: Idle Speculation Leads To Denver Broncos Connection

The big story of the 2012 NFL offseason could potentially be the future landing spot for quarterback Peyton Manning. That is, if Manning is released, something we could find out by his early march deadline to receive a bonus. The most likely outcome is that Manning will be released, and SB Nation's Joel Thorman has decided to look at every scenario for Manning. And the Denver Broncos fall into the category of "should pursue him."

Thorman, a noted Chiefs fan, also places his own team into that same category, so he clearly doesn't like what's going on with Matt Cassel (but who would?). For the Broncos, Thorman cites the "value of a good quarterback" and John Elway's position as a decision maker for the team. But Thorman also thinks it would be hard for the team to explain moving away from Tim Tebow, who did help the team make the playoffs.

if the Broncos did sign him, a far bigger if that Thorman makes it out to be, what message does that send to Tim Tebow, the guy who "earned the right" to enter training camp as starter. Bring in Manning and there's no way that right is there any longer.

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