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Knowshon Moreno Arrest: Broncos RB Charged With Careless Driving And Failing To Have Insurance

Some additional details surrounding Knowshon Moreno's Feb. 1 arrest have emerged, courtesy the Denver Post:

Police gave Moreno a breath test and a field sobriety test, and took Moreno to a detox facility. He was charged with failing to have insurance and careless driving.

He is scheduled to be arraigned on March 2, court records state.

The Broncos running back was speeding through a construction zone in his Bentley convertible -- which has a vanity plate that reads "SAUCED" -- when he was pulled over by police. The officer smelled alcohol and then administered a sobriety test, which Moreno failed.

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It is unknown at this time how this incident might affect Moreno's future with the Denver Broncos; in a statement Monday, the team said it is "thoroughly reviewing this matter."

For updates on this situation, stay tuned to SB Nation Denver. For more in-depth coverage, head over to Mile High Report. For more from around the NFL, visit SB Nation's NFL news hub.