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Best Super Bowl Moments: John Elway 'Helicopters' In Super Bowl XXXII

The 2012 Super Bowl will surely have plenty of mentions about David Tyree's amazing catch (video) on his head that changed the course of that game. It certainly is worthy of being one of the top moments in Super Bowl history. The catch itself is spectacular, but recall that Eli Manning needed to escape a ton of pressure and avoided several potential sack opportunities by the Patriots.

But as a Denver Broncos fan, there's always that moment by John Elway that sums up his desire to finally win the Super Bowl. Everyone Broncos fan knows what this play is. It's the "Helicopter" from Super Bowl XXXII.

The Broncos had started that drive against the Green Bay Packers deep in their own territory, but John Elway marched the team down the field and got the team within striking distance of the opposing end zone. But then it was third down and the game, tied at 17-17, could turn on what happened on this play. A first down or a touchdown keeps the momentum going; fail to convert and a field goal is attempted. Get the three points and things are OK, but a touchdown would be better. And that's when John Elway strikes.

Elway drops back after the snap and can't find an open receiver. He decides to run it up the middle of the field and then heads toward the right sideline. He's gaining yards and then he sees a couple of defenders bearing down on him. He decides to dive into the air and gets hit by the Packers' defender just enough that he winds up rotating like the blades of a helicopter. He gets the first down, the Broncos score a couple of plays later and eventually the team goes on to win.

If "the Drive" defines Elway's ability to create a comeback, the "Helicopter" defines Elway's unyielding desire to finally win the Super Bowl.

"This one's for John!"