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Tim Tebow's Alter Ego? Just Call Him 'Tommy Turbo'

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Tim Tebow likes to go incognito at times, it seems, but the name he has chosen to go by can probably draw plenty of attention as well (via Yahoo! Sports):

But it was during a conversation with two attractive female servers behind the scenes where the Denver Broncos superstar showed his real sense of humor. Tebow told the ladies, who were taking a break from serving the crowd of around 1,000 guests, that his real name was "Tommy Turbo."

"He told us he was called Tommy Turbo, not Tebow," said a waitress named Deborah, 26. "He said it was because he was a really good chess player and played really fast. He was pretty funny and we had a good time talking to him. I know he is famous but he was really friendly and a lot of fun."

Tommy Turbo? Well, start writing your own jokes about that.

Here are the Tommy Turbos Tebow is not:

He is not Tommy Turbo's Affordable Saab + of Central Ohio, where you can get "the most cost-effective automotive repairs in Central Ohio."

Nor is he Tom Turbo, a bike that is able to do 111 tricks, according to Wikipedia.

Nor is he Tommy Turbo of Tommy Turbo & The Turbervilles, and English Indie/Soul band.