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Madden '13 Cover Athlete: Tim Tebow, Von Miller Are Denver Broncos' Contenders

For a second year in a row, EA Sports will allow the fans to vote in a bracket-style tournament for its Madden '13 cover athlete. Last year, former Denver Broncos running back Peyton Hillis (of the Cleveland Browns) won the fan vote. He then went on to continue the Madden Curse with an affliction of injuries and a public war of words from time to time with the team's management.


Tim Tebow was the Denver Broncos' selection in 2011 (a No. 11 seed) and he lost to Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles in the opening round. This year, Tebow is back in contention, as well teammate Von Miller. The field has been expanded from 32 teams to 64, giving each team two participants.


Since the fan is given the power of the vote, one might suspect Tebow will have his legions of fans ballot-stuffing, but it didn't happen last year. Voting starts March 7.


Can't we get a coach on the cover?