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NFL Draft 2012: Don't Expect Broncos To Move Out Of No. 25 Pick; DT Likely Selection

In 2011, the Denver Broncos couldn't really move up in the NFL Draft since they held the No. 2 overall pick. There was chatter that the team might move down to pick up extra selections, but that never was much of a choice. The team did think about moving back up in the draft to select Nick Fairley, but the cost was prohibitive. And it's more than likely the Broncos will stand pat with the No. 25 draft pick this year, writes the Denver Post's Mike Klis.

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The team only has draft picks through the first five rounds -- and no extra ones in any of those rounds. It would be unwise for the Broncos to trade away an already small draft class for an even smaller one. So, that leaves the Broncos with the No. 25 overall, pick likely a defensive tackle, as has been speculated for months now. However, Klis believes the team would like either cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick or running back Trent Richardson, former teammates at Alabama, to fall out of the top 10 and into their range.

Conceivably, if either player starts falling on draft day, the Broncos might want to gamble and make a trade to select the one that falls. Sometimes a bold move must be made. If not, a defensive tackle would still be a great pick up, solidifying a line that needs youth and talent.

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