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Broncos Free Agency 2012: Brandon Lloyd Rules Out Return To Denver

Brandon Lloyd is a free agent after spending the 2011 season with the Denver Broncos and the St. Louis Rams. While the Rams could think about using its franchise tag on the wide receiver, free agency is waiting with open arms on March 13 for Lloyd. Just don't go thinking the Broncos will try to bring him back:

There was never a likely scenario for Lloyd to return. The Broncos traded Lloyd to avoid any problems he may have had with the offensive turn to accentuate the pluses in Tim Tebow's game. Since Lloyd is citing "style of offense," he certainly wouldn't want to work once again in an offense that is centered on Tebow.

Also, the Broncos didn't want to hand out a long-term extension to a receiver who had a career year in 2010 and is already 30-plus years old.

All in all, this is like John Fox telling us that Brady Quinn's GQ comments won't affect his chances of returning to the Broncos: that decision may already have been made (that is, to not bring him back). More than likely, Josh McDaniels will want to bring Lloyd to the New England Patriots, the coach whom he played for during his best season.

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