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Brady Quinn's GQ Comments Fail To Affect His Future With Broncos, Says John Fox

On Thursday, Denver Broncos head coach John Fox spoke to the media, taking several questions about Tim Tebow (and none of those were any different from what we've heard over the last few weeks). Fox also addressed the recent GQ article that quoted Brady Quinn from several months ago. This won't affect Brady's future with the team:

Of course, that doesn't really say that much. The team might have already decided to move on from Quinn as a backup; however, publicly the Broncos have said that Quinn isn't out of the equation to return.

What we do know is that the Broncos need two more quarterbacks for training camp, which is five months away. Free agency starts on March 13 and the NFL Draft takes place April 26-28. A veteran and a rookie are expected to join the team, and good money is on Brady Quinn not being the backup.

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