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Mel Kiper Chooses Cam Newton, Von Miller As Offensive, Defensive Rookies Of The Year

The official Associated Press NFL Offensive and Defensive Rookies of the Year Awards won't be announced until Saturday, Feb. 4, as part of a special awards show on NBC, but ESPN's Mel Kiper could be providing us with a preview of how things will turn out. In his Insider only piece, Kiper provides a list of his top 20 rookies from the 2011 season.

At the top, No. 1 overall pick Cam Newton is his top rookie, and Kiper sees Newton becoming a "superstar" after the development he saw this season from the quarterback. At No. 2, Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller is the top defensive rookie following a season with 11.5 sacks. Kiper gives Miller the edge over San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith because Miller "was a complete linebacker." Smith came in at No. 3.

Marcell Dareus, who went No. 3 overall and wanted to get back at the Broncos for not taking him at No. 2, finished at No. 13 following a 5.5-sack season with the Buffalo Bills.