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Broncos Offseason 2012: Competition Is Good For Everyone, Including Tim Tebow, Says John Elway

John Elway recently reiterated that Tim Tebow is the Denver Broncos starting quarterback entering training camp; however, Elway also is sticking to his plan to have a competition at the position, as well. Elway recently told Mike Klis of the Denver Post:

"No question, he's [Tebow] our starter going in," Elway said. "But competition will be good for everybody, at every position."

And that's really how it should be for most everyone on the team. By handing anyone a position without a sense of competition behind them could create complacency. But we know enough about Tim Tebow's drive to improve and win that even if he wasn't going to face a competition that he would keep working to do all that he can to win.

However, a tangible competition could prove to be more beneficial as Tebow has an individual to focus on to stay ahead of the game. Unless the Broncos draft a quarterback in the first round or do sign Peyton Manning if he is released, there shouldn't be any reason for Tebow to worry too much about losing that grip on the starting position. If he does, well, that's likely going to be all on him.

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