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NFL Free Agency 2012: Denver Broncos To Increase Spending In 2012

The Denver Broncos plan to spend a bit more money on player salaries in 2012 than the team did in 2011, as Broncos head of football operations John Elway told the Denver Post's Mike Klis on Wednesday. Elway noted that some of the available spending money is from the team's trade of Kyle Orton to the Kansas City Chiefs last year.

Cash-wise we'll spend more than cap this year. But that's where it comes down to how everybody accounts and how the numbers get skewed. Whether you're over the cap or under the cap it just comes down to the accounting.

In 2011, the Broncos spent $117.5 million on player salaries, which equates to about 98 percent of the league's $120.375 million salary cap. Denver saved $2.6 million by trading Orton to the Chiefs last year after Tim Tebow emerged as the team's starting quarterback, and the team's savings from 2011 will apparently roll over to 2012.

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