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Sports Authority Field Could Be Gaining New Lights

Don't look now, but Sports Authority Field at Mile High could be gaining some new lights. Some rather big lights, that is. As the Denver Post describes it:

The company wants to add five new signs to the stadium, including three red-lettered signs that spell out "Sports Authority Field" on the east, west and north sides of the metal band that loops around the upper part of the stadium. Each sign would be 9½ feet tall and 178 feet long.

There are issues with the local neighborhoods, which argue the lights are too big and bright. Oh, and that many will be illuminated until 2:00 a.m.

Dave Krieger, additionally, argues that if this does go through Sports Authority should pay more for the rights to have its name appear on the stadium, especially since these new lights are likely beyond the pale. The city would then be able to recoup the money that is in excess of what it takes to maintain the grounds the stadium is on.

A public hearing is taking place on Wednesday afternoon.