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Tim Tebow Should Expect A Veteran And A Prospect To Join Him

Tim Tebow is likely going to face pressure on two fronts during training camp once we find out what happens in free agency and in the 2012 NFL Draft. As Jeff Legwold writes in the Denver Post, the team will pursue a veteran backup on the free agent market and find a rookie in the draft. Some of the veteran names thrown around include the scary (Chad Henne, Vince Young) to the okay (Shaun Hill). And there's always the possibility of bringing back Brady Quinn if he doesn't find a suitable new landing spot.

Legwold believes that the rookie quarterbacks that would intrigue the Broncos the most are Brandon Weeden, Nick Foles and Ryan Tannehill. Weeden has accuracy, Foles has the arm and Tannehill has the athleticism. All three of these players could be available in the second round, but mock drafts tend to have them all over the place now.

The NFL Scouting Combine takes place at the end of February and should define these players' draft stock.

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