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Broncos Vs. Patriots, 2012 NFL Playoffs: Tim Tebow, Demaryius Thomas Go Against Former Coach Josh McDaniels

The original plan for former Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels had been to make the playoffs with his two 2010 first-round draft picks, Demaryius Thomas and Tim Tebow. However, McDaniels never had a chance for that to happen since he was fired in Dec. 2010. But now Thomas and Tebow are the in playoffs, and they will go up against McDaniels, who just rejoined the New England Patriots on Sunday, minutes after the Broncos' game against the Pittsburgh Steelers ended.

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As SI's Peter King writes in his Monday Morning Quarterback column, he believes that CBS will have a camera on Josh McDaniels throughout the game. King offers this from Demaryius Thomas:

"Crazy,'' Demaryius Thomas said from the din of the Denver locker room Sunday night. "Just crazy. Good to see him back with a winning team. We're all just so surprised. Just crazy.''

It is crazy to think about not only what the Broncos did by winning in overtime on an 80-yard pass, but also what happened with McDaniels. He resurfaced as the St. Louis Rams' offensive coordinator several weeks after the Broncos fired him. But that job turned sour once the Rams looked awful and wound up with the No. 2 overall pick in April's draft. The team let go of head coach Steve Spagnuolo and allowed McDaniels to leave if he wanted to.

With Bill O'Brien leaving for the Penn State head coaching job, McDaniels had a place with the Patriots once again. However, he won't officially become the offensive coordinator until O'Brien leaves after the team's playoff run.

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