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Texas A&M Uses Twitter To Threaten Lawsuit Over Denver Broncos' 12th Man Flag

The Denver Broncos defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday evening, but not everyone is happy. And I'm not talking about Steelers fans. Texas A&M is upset over the use of the 12th Man flag since the 12th Man is a trademark of the university. Jason Cook is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Texas A&M University and he took to Twitter after the game ended:

A respected institution of learning, one would hope, feels it needs to publicly lash out at the Denver Broncos for violating a trademark? Yeah, talk about a waste of time. Just like all other infringements, this could have been done by sending a letter to the Broncos privately about the flag. This just seems petty.

The Seattle Seahawks do have a contract with the university to use the 12th Man, meaning there's no point in bringing that up here.

The Denver Broncos did draft a Texas A&M Aggies football player in 2011. We all know him as Von Miller, the No. 2 overall selection last April.