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Broncos Vs. Patriots, 2012 NFL Playoffs: Denver Out To Correct Mistakes Of 2011 Game

After climbing the hurdle of the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Wild Card round, the Denver Broncos won't have any easier task ahead of them next Saturday when they play the New England Patriots in prime time on CBS. The Broncos will need to defeat a Patriots team that beat them several weeks ago and started them on a three-game losing streak to end the season.

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It was not a pretty game, as the Patriots defeated the Broncos, 41-23. Tim Tebow was 11-of-22 passing for 194 yards, but he didn't have any touchdown passes. He was the team's leading rusher with 93 yards and two touchdowns, but that is no formula for success.

But what haunted the team wasn't his performance passing. It was the team's inability to keep hold of the ball. The team committed three turnovers on lost fumbles, one each from Tim Tebow, Lance Ball and the since released Quan Cosby. Tebow did have a second fumble, but the Broncos kept possession of the ball.

Certainly, Tim Tebow showed great strides as a passer against the top pass defense of the Steelers' on Sunday, but will he be able to carry all of that over to the divisional round with him?

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