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VIDEO: Phil Simms Lets Us Know Forward Passes Go Forward

When fans turn on a television to watch any live sporting event, the least they should hope for is that the announcers teach them something they didn't know heading into the game. For any fan tuning into the Denver Broncos vs. Pittsburgh Steelers playoff matchup, CBS announcer Phil Simms clearly demonstrated his incredible football knowledge, with this clear explanation of a forward pass:

This is clearly knowledge that only a former NFL player could possess. For all of the fans thinking that a forward pass could in fact go backward, Simms uses his years of NFL experience to clear up that potential misconception.

Hopefully Simms will have other interpretations of the NFL rulebook during the rest of the game. Most fans will be curious to know how many yards a player must gain on a three-yard gain, and thankfully that is where an announcer like Simms can deliver his expert knowledge.