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Broncos Vs. Steelers Halftime Update: Denver Takes 20-6 Lead Heading Into Half

After a listless opening quarter, it seemed like the Pittsburgh Steelers defense was in complete control of the playoff matchup against the Denver Broncos. However, the second quarter proved to be an entirely different story, as Tim Tebow and the Broncos offense found a rhythm and helped propel Denver to a 20-6 lead heading into the half.

Tebow and Demaryius Thomas connected on two huge plays in the second quarter, with Thomas making two receptions for 109 yards. Surprisingly, the passing game is where the Denver offense has found most of its success, as Tebow has completed 5/11 for 185 yards and a TD. Tebow connected with Eddie Royal for the TD pass and also scored a TD on the ground in an excellent second quarter performance.

While the Broncos offense was clicking on all cylinders, Pittsburgh struggled to generate any success against the Denver defense. Ben Roethlisberger struggled to link up with his receivers, as he has completed just 11/23 and threw an interception.

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