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Broncos Vs. Steelers Update: Pittsburgh Takes 3-0 Lead Over Denver

The Pittsburgh Steelers opened up the scoring by driving 80 yards for a field on the first drive of the game against the Denver Broncos. After converting on 3rd-and-3, Roethlisberger followed that with a 33-yard completion to Heath Miller, who was supposed to be covered by Brian Dawkins' replacement at strong safety, David Bruton. But Miller was wide open and picked up big yardage.

However, the drive started to stall there and the Steelers couldn't advance the ball past the Broncos' 27-yard line. Instead Sean Suisham hit a 45-yard field to put the Steelers in the early lead.

Tim Tebow now gets his first chance at showing whether he has improved from the poor performances of hte past two weeks. Or will we see Brady Quinn come in on a 3rd-and-long play?

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