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2012 AFC Wild Card: Tim Tebow Will Look For Hot Start To Avoid Brady Quinn Entrance

The great mystery for Sunday's 2012 NFL Playoff matchup between the Denver Broncos and the Pittsburgh is just what will happen with Tim Tebow. Will he struggle and be replaced with Brady Quinn or will he find some traction and show why he should be the Broncos' quarterback going forward?

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On ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown, Ed Werder reported that in a conversation with head coach John Fox the team was committed to Tim Tebow as the team's starter for the game. If we parse that, as Werder did, it would seem to say that Fox is willing to go to Brady Quinn if Tebow struggles early in the game. Brady Quinn would be taking his first real NFL game in two seasons.

While it's certainly possibly for Quinn to be play well, should he actually enter the game I doubt it would be John Fox's first choice for that to happen. At this point, taking Tebow out of a playoff game for Quinn would open a whole new mess in the offseason over the direction at quarterback. Unless, of course, putting Quinn in is just a package change for a play or two.

Drama and mystery, everyone.

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