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NFL TV Ratings: Patriots Vs. Broncos Was Among Most-Watched Shows In Fall 2011

The NFL continues to be a big ratings grab for the networks. During the Fall 2011 TV season, among the top 25 most-watched programs were 23 football games, according to a press release from the NFL on Thursday. The two Thanksgiving Day games came away with the biggest ratings while the New England Patriots against the Denver Broncos was the No. 4 show with 28.2 million viewers (most of the nation received that game).

Coming in at No. 10 was another Broncos game: the Jan. 1 regular season finale with 27 million viewers. A third one also made the list. At No. 24, the Broncos against the Green Bay Packers received 23 million viewers.

The Broncos' season opener on Monday Night Football against the Oakland Raiders made the top 15 cable shows at No. 13 with 11.1 million viewers.

However, we are still left wondering if the Broncos would have had higher ratings had the Patriots or Chiefs games at the end of the season been flexed to Sunday Night Football.