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2012 AFC Wild Card, Broncos Vs. Steelers: Steelers Back Up QB Dennis Dixon Playing Tebow In Practice

Though it's up for debate just how much credit Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos' pseudo-option offense deserves for the team's surprise playoff run, there's no doubt that the beguiling nature of the scheme helped in some way to propel Denver to the AFC West championship. Few NFL teams feature offensive players that ran the option in college, but in an interesting twist in the AFC Wild Card match up between the Broncos and Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh may have one of the closet things to Tebow on an NFL roster.

Steelers back up QB Dennis Dixon has been playing the Tebow role for Pittsburgh in practice this week, and aside from being an athletic quarterback, Dixon starred in college in Chip Kelly's option offense, garnering substantial Heisman hype before blowing out his knee. Whether or not this gives the Steelers a leg up in preparing for the Broncos option remains to be seen, but it certainly can't hurt.

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