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NFL Power Rankings: RealClearSports Ranking Averages Places Denver Broncos At No. 14

The NFL playoffs are a put up or shut up time for the 12 remaining teams playing games in January, which means by one way or another they did enough to beat out the 20 teams that must wait another season for dreams of postseason glory. But if we want to look at silly things like end of the year NFL power rankings, RealClearSports has come up with the final average ranking for each team.

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The Denver Broncos moved down one spot from No. 13 to No. 14. The seven rankings the site used to calculate the average gave the Broncos a 14.14 average, slipping by 0.14 points to the Dallas Cowboys, a non-playoff team. The Philadelphia Eagles also came in ahead of Broncos, taking the No. 12 spot.

Still, the No. 14 ranking was the highest among AFC West teams, as the San Diego Chargers took No. 16, the Oakland Raiders No. 18 and the Kansas City Chiefs No. 23.

The playoffs are a whole other beast and maybe it's the time Tim Tebow finds his groove again.

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