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At What Price Victory? The Unnecessary Delusion Of The Broncos Pursuing Peyton Manning

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Tim Tebow is the Denver Broncos starting quarterback heading into training camp, but after that everything is in his hands (arm?) to keep that job. Even John Elway basically said that recently with his admission that the team will bring in quarterbacks to challenge Tebow during training camp. But what if....

The Denver Post's Mark Kiszla writes about a delusion he has. It's not a delusion of grandeur -- well, maybe it is from his point of view it is. It's the delusion that the Broncos should go after Peyton Manning if the Indianapolis Colts part ways with the former franchise quarterback. That really all depends on what happens between Peyton and Jim Irsay. While they are trying to snuff out the flames of animosity in the public, there could be real tension that is seeping out into the public eye.

If it does result in Manning being released, I don't see why the Broncos should pursue Manning. He turns 36 in March and has a bad neck. That should turn off most every team in the league. But what does it say about a franchise such as the Broncos if Manning was signed. What if the neck is checked out and OK'ed, but then one hit during the regular season creates another neck injury? Sure, the Broncos would have Tim Tebow, but at what price did the Broncos and Manning pay to get there?

Let's be clear, if the Broncos really thought about signing Peyton Manning should he become available there's no way he wouldn't be the presumed starter for the Broncos. No team would sign him with not having the intention to starting him. But at what price is any team going to pay in the long term for bringing in Peyton Manning if he becomes available?