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NFL Power Rankings: CBS Sports' Pete Prisco Doesn't Like TIm Tebow

The Denver Broncos did not drop in this week's final regular season NFL power rankings at CBS Sports. In fact, the team moved up one spot to No. 12, which is the key position in all of this. Only 12 teams make it into the playoffs and the Broncos are one of those 12 teams. What does an end of the regular season raking mean to playoff teams. They compete for the Lombardi Trophy while 20 other teams need to wait until next season.

Of course, the Broncos probably are the weakest team entering the playoffs given the decrepit state of the offense. As Pete Prisco writes:

Still think Tim Tebow is the long-term answer? Didn't think so. Denver has to find a quarterback -- playoffs or not.

That's probably going a bit too far, but if Tebow has another bad game it is entirely possible that we might not hear those hushed whispers of Tim Tebow being the starter in 2012. And that's when the fun begins.

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