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Broncos Vs. Steelers, NFL Playoffs: Pittsburgh Safety Ryan Clark Might Not Play Vs. Denver

The Pittsburgh Steelers are already without running back Rashard Mendenhall due to a torn ACL, but he might not be the only player they will be missing. Safety Ryan Clark might not play in the game on Sunday, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, because he is affected by sickle cell trait and nearly lost his life after playing in Denver during the 2007 season. He sat out the team's 2009 contest in Denver, as a result.

However, he has since had medical tests, according to head coach Mike Tomlin, to determine how the altitude affects the sickle cell trait. If the doctors believe that he can play and then get the coaches on board as well, Clark would team up with Troy Polamalu in the secondary. Otherwise, Ryan Mundy is going to get a playoff start.

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