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Tim Tebow Named To USA Today All-Joe Team 2011

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It's been 20 years since USA Today started to produce its All-Joe Team and the Denver Broncos have two players appearing on this year's team. The one who had a great case for the team and made it was guard Chris Kuper. Kuper has been one of the rocks on the offensive line along with Ryan Clady for several years now. Kuper's season ended early following his horrifying dislocated ankle and broken leg.

The other player requires a bit of mental gymnastics to put on the team. Who is he? Find out below.

It's Tim Tebow. Wasn't it obvious? Here's what USA Today writes about the selection:

Love him or loathe the hype surrounding him, there's no denying he revitalized a team that was dead in the water into AFC West champs. We especially appreciate his willingness to play wideout when Kyle Orton was still the starter.

So, Tebow makes the list on the basis that he hasn't been named to a Pro Bowl in his career yet, but it's hard to really argue that he is an "unsung hero." The debates were endless over Tebow Time and his ability to lead fourth quarter comebacks almost at will. He's not unsung; he's just divisive.

And, really, we're supposed to believe Matthew Stafford and his 5,000-plus passing yards and 40 touchdown passes constitute a "Joe"? Oh, right, no Pro Bowl so that makes him unsung. Yeah, about that.....