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NFL Draft Mock Draft 2012: SI's Don Banks Predicts DT Jerel Worthy For Broncos

The Denver Broncos improved by 23 slots from the 2011 NFL Draft to the 2012 NFL Draft, moving from No. 2 overall in the first round to No. 25. But they still have an issue at defensive tackle, which the team did not address in the draft last year. Right now, the popular pick for the Broncos tends to be a defensive tackle. There are plenty of names to consider, but one that is constantly seen is the Michigan St. Spartans' Jerel Worthy. He is off the board at No. 25 to the Broncos in Don Banks' latest NFL mock draft for

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Banks points out that the Broncos have a number of holes to fill at cornerback, receiver, running back, tight end and offensive line. The latter is a bit odd since he mentions three slots on the line but he doesn't note which ones. One would presume that Ryan Clady at left tackle doesn't need to be changed. That would leave the rest of the line to the right of him. Chris Kuper and his dislocated ankle and broken leg could be another area to beef up, but it's just odd to mention three places on the line.

But Banks believes defensive tackle is the area the team should actually concentrate on. He offers Fletcher Cox as a possible alternative, also selected by the Broncos in other mock drafts.

The NFL Draft begins on April 26.

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