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Remember When John Elway Might Have Been Traded To The Redskins?

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Can anyone these days imagine what would have happened to the Denver Broncos had John Elway been traded to, say, the Washington Redskins in 1991? Well, it might happened, according to then-Redskins general manager Charlie Casserly:

As I remember it, Ryp had improved the year before but we inquired about trading for John Elway in the offseason. It never came to fruition, obviously, for a number of reasons. One, they thought about it and they said no. What they discussed, we wouldn’t do — they wanted Jim Lachey included, and we wouldn’t trade him. I don’t know if it ever got to the point where it was a real, just-say-yes-and-it’s-done discussion, but we talked about it.

Given that we don't know how John Elway's career would have turned out by heading East, it still might be safe to say that the Broncos' history would not have been as bright in the 1990s as it actually turned out to be. The cascading effect of removing Elway from the equation would have ripped asunder all that we hold and love dearly.

We could probably also eliminate the Broncos ever picking up Gary Zimmerman a couple of years later since Jim Lachey was a left tackle. Good thing we missed out on missing that.