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SI's Peter King Ranks Denver Broncos As His No. 11 Team Post-Conference Championship Weekend

In his "Fine Fifteen" portion of Monday Morning Quarterback, SI's Peter King ranks the Denver Broncos as his No. 11 team, writing:

John Elway owes Tim Tebow nothing more than the starting job entering training camp. If he loses it, that's on Tebow.

King hits the situation on the head of the nail right here. One week ago, Elway said that Tebow has the job entering training camp, nothing more and nothing less. How will Tebow respond in training camp, obviously, is months away from happening. But let's consider that we don't which quarterbacks will be on the roster beside Tebow and Adam Weber, who spent his rookie year on the practice squad.

At one point during 2011 training camp, there was a voice that said Weber was ahead of Tebow on the depth chart, but that proved fruitless. Weber's probably not going to challenge Tebow during training camp, but a veteran free agent or a rookie quarterback drafted in the middle rounds might make for some interesting competition. Because, let's admit it, Tim Tebow still has plenty of room for improvement and he needs to be challenged at all times.