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Tim Tebow Could Be Moving To Tradtional Offense With Adam Weber's Retention

Heading into the 2012 NFL season, the Denver Broncos only have two quarterbacks under contract: Tim Tebow, who will be the starter heading into training camp, and Adam Weber, a soon-to-be second-year player, who spent his rookie year on the practice squad. The Broncos will surely bring in another quarterback through free agency and possibly draft a quarterback as well.

But, as Jeff Legwold from the Denver Post writes, keeping Weber on the team might be an indication that the team could move away from the run-option that was used to a great extent in 2011:

Weber isn't considered a good bet to run the read option, so his signing also could be considered at least some evidence that the Broncos will try to move Tebow into a more traditional look in the passing game in the offseason, with the read option being a change-of-pace item.

The Broncos did have two playbooks for the team last season, one that was for Tebow and the other that was for Brady Quinn. We may have seen the latter this Sunday had the Bronco' advanced to the AFC title game. But if the team is committed to Tebow as the quarterback going forward, a backup quarterback who has skills similar to Tebow would help eliminate the need for two playbooks.

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